Alcohol License Applications & Information

See Fee Schedule for License Fees

 Notice of Review of Liquor License Application
Notice of Review of Liquor License Application - Domans

Summary of Charges for Licensing

Original Alcohol Beverage License (AT-106)

Renewal Alcohol Beverage License (AT-115)

Application for Temporary Class B Retailers License - Picnic Beer/Wine (AT-315)

Auxiliary Questionaire – Alcohol Beverage License Application (AT-103)

Agent Schedule (AT-104)

Schedule for Successor of Agent (AT-107a)

Operator’s (bartender) License

Temporary Operator's (bartender) License Application

Cigarette License (CTP-200)

Information Materials

Information Release Form

WI Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Laws for Retailers (302)

Informational Pamphlet (AT-109)